Sylvain Pafundi is the president of MEDIUNIC.

He explains the origins of the group and its ambitions.

Sylvain Pafundi

> Could you introduce yourselff ?

I have studied business administration and I started my professional experience in that field. Very quickly, I have been interested by the health market. In 1996 I have taken a very first step with the creation of COLUSSI, which is today one of the companies of MEDIUNIC. And little by little, things have moved on. 

> Why were you interested in the health market ?

I wanted to give a meaning to my career. The health market carries a lot values, which are meaningful to me … this choice was pretty natural. We create values in many ways: the human side of course, but also on a technical or a financial aspect. And at the end, this is very rewarding to see what our work is concretely bringing to patients and professionals. 

> What led to the creation of MEDIUNIC  ?

The project relates to the early 2000s. With the COLUSSI company, I was looking for an additional know-how on the health market. The aim was to be more versatile, increase our technical knowledge and emphasize the French know-how. When I became the president of AHF, I have first created a financial structure to bring together the two compaies. The project has then been developed until the foundation MEDIUNIC in 2023.

> What are the aims and ambitions of the group  ?

MEDIUNIC, this is  the « Technical experience serving medical care ». We aim to provide innovative solutions for patient care. We are focusing both on the caregivers working conditions and on the patient daily care, to improve their comfort. We have trusted partners in France but also overseas, and we intend to expand our international presence.