For almost two years, we have been working on the creation of a new group entity and of its dedicated atmosphere. 2023 is (finally) the launch of the MEDIUNIC group !

MEDIUNIC is the combination of two companies, AHF (Ateliers du Haut Forez), a French manufacturer of medical beds and furniture, and COLUSSI, an exclusive French distributor of sterilization and washing units.

Those companies already know each other, but we never had shared a common identity. With MEDIUNIC, this is the concretization of their convergence, with the mutualization of the knowhow, in order to be the reference on the health market.

Mr Pafundi, the MEDIUNIC chairman, is very enthousiastic: “I’m proud to finally disclose the group colors. This is the logical next step in the history of the two companies. They both have developed knowledge and have grown over the years – this is an achievement and a new start !

The MEDIUNIC group has been released to the companies’ employees on January, the 19th. This dedicated (and snowy) day has been the occasion to assimilate the brand, while learning more about each single talent of the companies. This was a fruitful day allowing for real information sharing and great memories.